alignment Definition

  • 1the act of arranging things in a straight line or correct relative positions
  • 2a position of agreement or alliance

Using alignment: Examples

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  • Example

    The alignment of the planets is a rare event.

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    The mechanic checked the alignment of the wheels on the car.

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    The political parties formed an alignment to pass the bill.

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    The company's goals are in alignment with their values.

alignment Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for alignment

Phrases with alignment

  • in agreement or conformity with something


    Our actions should be in alignment with our values.

  • not in the correct position or arrangement


    The printer is producing documents that are out of alignment.

  • alignment of interests

    a situation where two or more parties have similar goals or objectives


    The alignment of interests between the company and its employees led to a successful project.

Origins of alignment

from French 'alignement', from 'aligner' meaning 'to align'


Summary: alignment in Brief

The term 'alignment' [əˈlaɪnmənt] refers to the act of arranging things in a straight line or correct relative positions, as well as a position of agreement or alliance. It can refer to physical objects like the alignment of wheels on a car, or to abstract concepts like the alignment of values and goals. Phrases like 'in alignment with' and 'out of alignment' denote agreement or disagreement, respectively.