bitumen Definition

  • 1a black, sticky substance, often mixed with small stones or sand, that forms a strong surface when it becomes hard
  • 2any of various natural substances, such as asphalt, consisting of mainly hydrocarbons

Using bitumen: Examples

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    The road was covered in bitumen to make it more durable.

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    Bitumen is used in the production of roofing felt and waterproofing materials.

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    The oil sands in Canada contain large deposits of bitumen.

bitumen Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for bitumen

Phrases with bitumen

  • a type of roof made from bitumen, typically used on flat or low-pitched roofs


    The contractor recommended a bitumen roof for the new addition to the building.

  • a type of paint made from bitumen, typically used for waterproofing and corrosion protection


    The metal bridge was coated with bitumen paint to protect it from rust and corrosion.

  • the process of separating bitumen from oil sands or other sources


    The company invested in new technology for bitumen extraction to increase efficiency and reduce costs.


Summary: bitumen in Brief

Bitumen [bɪˈtjuːmən] is a black, sticky substance that hardens into a strong surface when mixed with small stones or sand. It is also a natural substance consisting mainly of hydrocarbons, such as asphalt. Bitumen is used in the production of roofing felt, waterproofing materials, and for making roads and pavements. Other phrases include 'bitumen roof,' 'bitumen paint,' and 'bitumen extraction.'