blinding Definition

  • 1so bright as to dazzle or hurt the eyes
  • 2extremely obvious or conspicuous

Using blinding: Examples

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  • Example

    The sun was so blinding that I had to squint my eyes.

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    The car's headlights were blinding me while driving.

  • Example

    The athlete's performance was blindingly fast and impressive.

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    The company's success was due to its blindingly obvious strategy.

blinding Synonyms and Antonyms

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Summary: blinding in Brief

The term 'blinding' [ˈblaɪndɪŋ] describes something that is extremely bright and can hurt the eyes, such as the sun or headlights. It can also refer to something that is extremely obvious or conspicuous, like a company's successful strategy or an athlete's impressive performance.

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