brilliant Definition

  • 1very bright and radiant
  • 2extremely intelligent or talented
  • 3excellent or outstanding

Using brilliant: Examples

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  • Example

    The sun was shining brilliantly in the sky.

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    She is a brilliant scientist who has made many important discoveries.

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    The concert was a brilliant success.

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    He gave a brilliant performance in the play.

brilliant Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using brilliant

  • a person who is exceptionally intelligent or talented


    Albert Einstein had a brilliant mind and made many groundbreaking discoveries in physics.

  • a sudden and brilliant idea or action that leads to success


    His decision to invest in that startup was a stroke of brilliance that made him a millionaire.

  • to perform exceptionally well or stand out in a particular field


    Her work in the field of medicine has made her shine brilliantly among her peers.

Phrases with brilliant

  • an extremely clever or innovative thought


    Her brilliant idea saved the company millions of dollars.

  • a highly successful professional life


    After graduating from Harvard, he went on to have a brilliant career in finance.

  • a style of cutting diamonds or other precious stones that maximizes their brilliance and sparkle


    The diamond was set in a ring with a brilliant cut that made it shine even more.

Origins of brilliant

from Old French 'brillant', present participle of 'briller', meaning 'to shine'


Summary: brilliant in Brief

The term 'brilliant' [ˈbrɪljənt] refers to something that is very bright and radiant, such as the sun. It can also describe someone who is extremely intelligent or talented, like a brilliant scientist or performer. Additionally, 'brilliant' can be used to mean excellent or outstanding, as in a brilliant success or performance. Phrases like 'brilliant idea' and idioms like 'a stroke of brilliance' highlight the cleverness and innovation associated with the word.

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