stupid Definition

  • 1lacking intelligence or common sense
  • 2ridiculous or pointless

Using stupid: Examples

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  • Example

    It was a stupid mistake.

  • Example

    Don't be stupid!

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    I feel stupid for forgetting my keys.

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    The idea is stupid.

stupid Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using stupid

  • play stupid

    to pretend to be ignorant or unaware of something


    He played stupid when asked about the missing money.

  • a person's actions define their level of intelligence, not their words or appearance


    He may not sound smart, but stupid is as stupid does.

  • appearing foolish or unintelligent, but actually being clever and shrewd


    He may act stupid, but he's really quite cunning. He's stupid like a fox.

Phrases with stupid

  • ignorance or foolishness does not absolve one of responsibility for their actions


    The judge ruled that stupidity is no excuse for breaking the law.

  • a question that is obvious or has an answer that should be known


    Asking if water is wet is a stupid question.

  • something that is very easy to understand or do


    The instructions were stupidly simple, even a child could follow them.

Origins of stupid

from French 'stupide' and Latin 'stupidus', meaning 'amazed, confounded'


Summary: stupid in Brief

The term 'stupid' [ˈstjuːpɪd] refers to a lack of intelligence or common sense, often used to describe ridiculous or pointless things. It can be applied to people, actions, or ideas, such as 'It was a stupid mistake.' 'Stupid' extends into phrases like 'stupid question,' and idioms like 'play stupid,' denoting feigned ignorance, and 'stupid like a fox,' implying hidden cleverness.

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