blocking Definition

  • 1the action or process of blocking or obstructing something
  • 2the arrangement and movement of actors on a stage to facilitate the performance of a play

Using blocking: Examples

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  • Example

    The blocking of the road caused a traffic jam.

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    The blocking of the signal resulted in a loss of communication.

  • Example

    The director discussed the blocking of the scene with the actors.

  • Example

    The choreographer worked on the blocking of the dance routine.

blocking Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for blocking

Phrases with blocking

  • block someone's way

    to prevent someone from moving forward by standing in their path


    The protesters blocked the entrance to the building, preventing anyone from entering.

  • mental blocking

    a psychological condition where a person is unable to recall certain information or experiences


    She experienced a mental blocking and couldn't remember anything about the incident.

  • writer's block

    a condition where a writer is unable to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown


    The author was struggling with writer's block and couldn't finish the book.


Summary: blocking in Brief

The term 'blocking' [ˈblɑkɪŋ] refers to the act of obstructing something or arranging actors on a stage for a play. It can be used to describe physical obstructions like 'The blocking of the road caused a traffic jam,' or artistic arrangements like 'The director discussed the blocking of the scene with the actors.' Other phrases include 'block someone's way,' 'mental blocking,' and 'writer's block.'