bonus Definition

  • 1an amount of money or something else of value given to an employee in addition to their usual payment as a reward for good work
  • 2something extra or unexpected

Using bonus: Examples

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    I got a bonus for exceeding my sales target.

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    The company gave out Christmas bonuses to all employees.

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    The free dessert was a bonus after a delicious meal.

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    The hotel upgrade was a bonus on top of the great location.

bonus Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for bonus

Idioms Using bonus

  • a bonus for/to somebody

    something that benefits someone in addition to what they already have or are receiving


    The extra vacation days were a bonus for all the hard work we did this year.

  • an additional advantage or benefit of something


    The bonus of living in the city is having access to all the cultural events.

  • a bonus for somebody's ears

    something that is pleasing or welcome to hear


    The news of the promotion was a bonus for her ears.

Phrases with bonus

  • a sum of money offered to a new employee as an incentive to join a company


    The signing bonus helped convince her to accept the job offer.

  • year-end bonus

    a bonus paid to employees at the end of the year, often based on company performance


    The year-end bonus was a welcome surprise for all the hard work we put in.

  • an additional point awarded in a game or competition for achieving a certain goal or milestone


    The team earned a bonus point for scoring more than five goals in the match.

Origins of bonus

from Latin 'bonus', meaning 'good'


Summary: bonus in Brief

A 'bonus' [ˈboʊnəs] is an additional amount of money or something else of value given to an employee as a reward for good work. It can also refer to something extra or unexpected, like a free dessert or hotel upgrade. Phrases like 'signing bonus' and 'year-end bonus' denote specific types of bonuses, while idioms like 'a bonus for somebody's ears' convey pleasure or welcome. 'Bonus' is a formal term that can be used interchangeably with 'incentive' or 'reward.'

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