brainy Definition

having or showing intelligence; clever.

Using brainy: Examples

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    She's one of the brainiest people I know.

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    He was a brainy child who excelled in math and science.

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    The professor is known for his brainy lectures.

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    The book is full of brainy insights about human nature.

brainy Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for brainy

Phrases with brainy

  • a clever or intelligent statement or remark


    She always has a brainy quote to share during our conversations.

  • humor that is clever and intelligent


    I love watching shows with brainy humor, like 'The Big Bang Theory.'

  • a game that requires intelligence and strategic thinking


    Chess is a brainy game that challenges your mind.


Summary: brainy in Brief

'Brainy' [ˈbreɪni] describes someone or something that is intelligent or clever. It can be used to describe people, ideas, or things, as in 'The book is full of brainy insights about human nature.' 'Brainy' also extends into phrases like 'brainy quote,' referring to clever or intelligent statements, and 'brainy game,' denoting games that require strategic thinking.