brand Definition

  • 1a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name
  • 2a particular type or kind of something
  • 3a mark made on livestock with a branding iron, especially to show ownership

Using brand: Examples

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  • Example

    I always buy this brand of coffee.

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    What brand of car do you drive?

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    The rancher put his brand on the cattle.

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    He has a personal brand that he promotes on social media.

brand Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using brand

  • to brand someone/something as

    to label or categorize someone or something in a particular way


    She was branded as a troublemaker after the incident.

  • to burn your brand into someone's memory

    to make a lasting impression on someone


    The company's catchy jingle burned their brand into my memory.

  • to establish and promote a particular image or identity for a product or company


    The company spent millions of dollars building their brand through advertising.

Phrases with brand

  • a name given by the maker to a product or range of products, especially a trademark


    I prefer to buy brand name products because they are usually higher quality.

  • a product that is sold under the name of the retailer rather than the manufacturer


    The supermarket's own brand of cereal is cheaper than the name brand.

  • the tendency of customers to continue buying products from the same brand over time


    Her brand loyalty to Apple means she only buys their products.

Origins of brand

from Old Norse 'brandr', meaning 'to burn'


Summary: brand in Brief

The term 'brand' [brand] refers to a product made by a particular company under a particular name. It can also refer to a particular type or kind of something, such as 'What brand of car do you drive?' or 'He has a personal brand that he promotes on social media.' The term extends into phrases like 'brand name,' and idioms like 'to build a brand,' denoting the establishment and promotion of a particular image or identity.

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