bumpy Definition

  • 1having a surface that is not even and has many small bumps or ridges
  • 2full of difficulties or problems

Using bumpy: Examples

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  • Example

    The road was so bumpy that we had to drive slowly.

  • Example

    The plane ride was very bumpy due to the turbulence.

  • Example

    The project has been a bit bumpy, but we're making progress.

bumpy Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for bumpy

Phrases with bumpy

  • a difficult or unpleasant experience


    Starting a new business can be a bumpy ride.

  • bumpy road

    a difficult or challenging situation


    The company has faced a bumpy road since the economic downturn.

  • a difficult or challenging beginning


    The new employee had a bumpy start, but eventually got the hang of things.


Summary: bumpy in Brief

The term 'bumpy' [หˆbสŒmpi] describes surfaces that are uneven and have many small bumps or ridges. It can also refer to situations that are full of difficulties or problems, such as a bumpy ride or a bumpy start. Synonyms include 'uneven,' 'rough,' and 'jagged.'

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