jagged Definition

  • 1having rough, sharp points protruding irregularly
  • 2having a rough or uneven edge or surface

Using jagged: Examples

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  • Example

    The jagged rocks tore at the boat's hull.

  • Example

    He cut his finger on the jagged edge of the paper.

  • Example

    The mountain range was jagged and imposing.

  • Example

    The wound was deep and jagged.

jagged Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for jagged

Phrases with jagged

  • a line that is not straight and has many sharp turns


    The artist drew a jagged line to represent the mountains.

  • teeth that are not straight and have sharp edges


    The shark's jagged teeth were visible as it swam towards us.

  • a scar that is not smooth and has an irregular shape


    The jagged scar on his face was a reminder of the accident.


Summary: jagged in Brief

'Jagged' [ˈdʒæɡɪd] describes something with rough, sharp points protruding irregularly, or having a rough or uneven edge or surface. Examples include jagged rocks, jagged teeth, and jagged scars. The term is often used in art to describe lines that are not straight and have many sharp turns.

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