bury Definition

  • 1to put a dead body into the ground
  • 2to hide something in the ground or under something
  • 3to cover something completely with a large amount of something else

Using bury: Examples

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  • Example

    They buried their dog in the backyard.

  • Example

    The treasure was buried under the sand.

  • Example

    She buried her face in her hands and cried.

  • Example

    He tried to bury his guilt by working harder.

bury Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with bury

  • to make peace with someone, especially after a long-standing dispute


    After years of not speaking, they finally decided to bury the hatchet and reconcile.

  • bury one's head in the sand

    to ignore or avoid a problem or difficult situation instead of facing it


    He's been burying his head in the sand about his financial problems for too long.

  • to become completely absorbed or engrossed in something


    Whenever she's stressed, she buries herself in a good book to escape reality.

Origins of bury

from Old English 'byrgan'


Summary: bury in Brief

The verb 'bury' [ˈberi] has three main definitions: to inter a dead body, to conceal something underground or under something else, and to cover something completely. It can be used literally, as in 'They buried their dog in the backyard,' or figuratively, as in 'He tried to bury his guilt by working harder.' The phrase 'bury the hatchet' means to make peace, while 'bury one's head in the sand' means to ignore a problem. 'Bury oneself in something' means to become completely absorbed in something.

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