butt Definition

  • 1the end or extremity of something, especially the thicker or larger end
  • 2a person's buttocks

Using butt: Examples

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  • Example

    The butt of the rifle was worn from use.

  • Example

    She slipped and fell on her butt.

  • Example

    He kicked him in the butt.

  • Example

    The target was hit right in the butt.

butt Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for butt

Phrases with butt

  • to stop interfering or meddling in someone else's business


    I wish my mother would butt out of my personal life.

  • butt heads

    to argue or fight with someone


    The two politicians constantly butt heads over policy issues.

  • the person or thing that is made fun of in a joke


    He became the butt of everyone's jokes after he tripped and fell on stage.

Origins of butt

from Old English 'buttuc', meaning 'end, small piece of land'


Summary: butt in Brief

The word 'butt' [bʌt] refers to either the end or extremity of something or a person's buttocks. It can be used in phrases like 'butt out,' meaning to stop interfering, or 'butt heads,' meaning to argue or fight. 'Butt of a joke' refers to the person or thing that is made fun of in a joke.

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