rear Definition

  • 1the back part of something
  • 2to bring up and care for (a child) until they are fully grown
  • 3to breed and raise (animals)
  • 4to build or establish (something)

Using rear: Examples

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  • Example

    The car's rear was damaged in the accident.

  • Example

    She reared three children on her own.

  • Example

    The farm rears cattle and sheep.

  • Example

    The company plans to rear a new office building.

rear Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for rear

Idioms Using rear

  • rear its ugly head

    to become visible or obvious in an unpleasant or frightening way


    The problem of drug addiction has reared its ugly head in the community.

  • bring up the rear

    to be at the back of a group of people or things


    The slowest runners brought up the rear in the race.

  • the back part of a vehicle


    The truck's rear end was badly damaged in the collision.

Phrases with rear

  • rear its head

    to appear or become noticeable after being hidden or not active for a long time


    The issue of racism has reared its head again in the country.

  • the back window of a car


    He looked out of the rear window to see if the police were following him.

  • a group of soldiers who protect the back of an army while it is moving forward


    The rear guard fought bravely to protect the retreating troops.

Origins of rear

from Old English 'rǣr', meaning 'at the back, behind'


Summary: rear in Brief

The term 'rear' [rɪə(r)] refers to the back part of something, as in 'The car's rear was damaged in the accident.' It also means to bring up and care for a child, as in 'She reared three children on her own,' or to breed and raise animals, as in 'The farm rears cattle and sheep.' Additionally, it can mean to build or establish something, as in 'The company plans to rear a new office building.'

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