carelessness Definition

  • 1failure to give sufficient attention or thought to avoiding harm or errors; negligence
  • 2a quality of being unconcerned or indifferent to one's actions or their consequences

Using carelessness: Examples

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  • Example

    His carelessness caused the accident.

  • Example

    The company was criticized for its carelessness with customer data.

  • Example

    Her carelessness with money led to her financial troubles.

carelessness Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with carelessness

  • in a moment of inattention or disregard for consequences


    He broke the vase in a fit of carelessness.

  • a tendency to be careless with a particular thing or activity


    She has a carelessness with details that often leads to mistakes.

  • a tendency to speak without thinking, leading to unintended offense or misunderstanding


    His carelessness in speech often got him into trouble with his colleagues.


Summary: carelessness in Brief

Carelessness [ˈkerləsnəs] refers to a lack of attention or concern for avoiding harm or errors. It can manifest as negligence or indifference to consequences, as in 'His carelessness caused the accident.' The phrase 'in a fit of carelessness' describes a moment of inattention, while 'carelessness with something' denotes a tendency to be careless with a particular thing or activity.