recklessness Definition

lack of regard for the danger or consequences of one's actions; rashness.

Using recklessness: Examples

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    His recklessness behind the wheel caused a serious accident.

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    The company's financial troubles were due to the recklessness of its executives.

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    Her recklessness in spending money led to her bankruptcy.

recklessness Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with recklessness

  • an instance of behaving without thinking about the consequences


    The accident was caused by an act of recklessness.

  • driving a vehicle in a manner that is dangerous to other road users


    He was arrested for reckless driving after causing a pile-up on the highway.

  • a lack of restraint or inhibition


    She danced with reckless abandon, not caring who was watching.


Summary: recklessness in Brief

'Recklessness' [rek-lis-nis] refers to a lack of concern for the danger or consequences of one's actions, often resulting in rash or impulsive behavior. Examples include reckless driving and reckless spending. The phrase 'reckless abandon' denotes a lack of restraint or inhibition.

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