catastrophic Definition

  • 1involving or causing sudden great damage or suffering
  • 2extremely unfortunate or unsuccessful

Using catastrophic: Examples

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    The hurricane had a catastrophic impact on the coastal towns.

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    The company suffered a catastrophic loss in revenue this quarter.

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    The oil spill had a catastrophic effect on the environment.

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    The team's performance was catastrophic, losing every game in the season.

catastrophic Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with catastrophic

  • a complete and sudden breakdown of a system or process


    The catastrophic failure of the power grid caused a widespread blackout.

  • catastrophic injury

    a severe and often permanent injury that has a life-altering impact on the person


    The athlete suffered a catastrophic injury during the game, ending his career.

  • a sudden and disastrous occurrence that causes widespread damage or loss of life


    The earthquake was a catastrophic event that destroyed entire cities.

Origins of catastrophic

from Greek 'katastrophikos', meaning 'destructive'


Summary: catastrophic in Brief

The term 'catastrophic' [ˌkætəˈstrɑːfɪk] refers to events or situations that cause sudden and great damage or suffering, or are extremely unfortunate or unsuccessful. It can describe natural disasters like hurricanes or man-made failures like financial losses. Phrases like 'catastrophic failure' and 'catastrophic injury' denote complete and sudden breakdowns of systems or processes, while 'catastrophic event' refers to sudden and disastrous occurrences that cause widespread damage or loss of life.

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