disastrous Definition

  • 1causing great damage, harm, or suffering
  • 2very bad

Using disastrous: Examples

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    The hurricane had disastrous consequences for the small island.

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    The company's decision to cut corners proved disastrous for their reputation.

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    The team's performance was disastrous, losing by a score of 10-0.

disastrous Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with disastrous

  • disastrous consequences

    the negative outcomes that result from a disastrous event or decision


    The disastrous consequences of the oil spill were felt for years to come.

  • a serious error in judgment or action that has harmful or catastrophic effects


    The CEO's disastrous mistake cost the company millions of dollars.

  • a negative result or consequence that is catastrophic or harmful


    The disastrous outcome of the election led to widespread protests and unrest.


Summary: disastrous in Brief

The term 'disastrous' [dɪˈzæstrəs] refers to something that causes great damage, harm, or suffering, or is very bad. It can describe events like hurricanes or decisions like cutting corners that have disastrous consequences. The phrase 'disastrous mistake' describes a serious error with harmful effects, while 'disastrous outcome' refers to a negative result that is catastrophic or harmful.

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