devastating Definition

  • 1causing severe and overwhelming shock or grief
  • 2destroying or ruining something completely

Using devastating: Examples

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  • Example

    The news of the plane crash was devastating for the families of the passengers.

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    The hurricane had a devastating effect on the small island community.

  • Example

    The fire was so devastating that the entire building had to be demolished.

  • Example

    The loss of his job was devastating for him and his family.

devastating Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with devastating

  • a sudden and severe setback or defeat


    The team's loss in the final game was a devastating blow to their championship hopes.

  • devastatingly beautiful

    extremely beautiful or attractive


    The sunset over the ocean was a devastatingly beautiful sight.

  • a powerful and negative impact on something or someone


    The pandemic had a devastating effect on the global economy.


Summary: devastating in Brief

The term 'devastating' [ˈdɛvəsteɪtɪŋ] describes something that causes severe shock or grief, or destroys or ruins something completely. It can refer to natural disasters, personal setbacks, or other negative events, as in 'The news of the plane crash was devastating for the families of the passengers.' 'Devastating' can also be used in phrases like 'devastating blow' or 'devastating effect,' and is often paired with synonyms like 'destructive' or 'disastrous.'

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