celebration Definition

  • 1the act of celebrating or commemorating an occasion or event
  • 2a joyful occasion for festivities and/or special activities

Using celebration: Examples

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    The celebration of the New Year is a global event.

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    We had a big celebration for my sister's graduation.

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    The town held a celebration to mark its 100th anniversary.

celebration Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for celebration

Idioms Using celebration

  • to contribute something positive or beneficial to a situation or event


    Everyone should bring something to the celebration, whether it's food, drinks, or decorations.

  • to attend a party or event without being invited


    I can't believe he crashed the celebration - he wasn't even supposed to be in town!

  • to celebrate in a grand or impressive way


    We're going to celebrate in style with a fancy dinner and champagne.

Phrases with celebration

  • an event or achievement that is worthy of celebration


    Winning the championship was definitely a cause for celebration.

  • a gathering or event held in memory of someone who has passed away, with the focus on celebrating their life rather than mourning their death


    Instead of a funeral, we decided to have a celebration of life for my grandfather.

  • pre-celebration

    a party or event held before a larger celebration, often to build excitement or anticipation


    We're having a pre-celebration for the wedding next weekend.

Origins of celebration

from Latin 'celebrationem', meaning 'the frequent repetition of a religious ceremony'


Summary: celebration in Brief

The term 'celebration' [sel-uh-brey-shuhn] refers to the act of commemorating an occasion or event, often involving festivities and special activities. It can range from global events like New Year's celebrations to personal milestones like graduations. Phrases like 'cause for celebration' and idioms like 'bring something to the celebration' highlight the positive nature of celebrations, while 'crash the celebration' denotes uninvited attendance. 'Celebrate in style' implies grand or impressive celebrations.

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