clay Definition

  • 1a heavy, sticky soil that is soft when wet and hard when dry
  • 2a substance made by mixing water with powdered clay, used for making bricks, pottery, and ceramics

Using clay: Examples

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    The potter shaped the clay into a vase.

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    The children made sculptures out of clay.

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    The construction workers used clay to make bricks.

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    The artist used clay to create a model of his sculpture.

clay Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for clay

Phrases with clay

  • a saucer-shaped target made of baked clay, used in shooting practice


    He practiced his shooting skills by aiming at clay pigeons.

  • a weakness or flaw in someone's character, often hidden behind an impressive exterior


    The politician was admired by many, but his feet of clay were exposed when he was caught in a scandal.

  • play in the clay

    to work with clay as a form of creative expression or relaxation


    After a long day at work, she liked to unwind by playing in the clay and making pottery.


Summary: clay in Brief

Clay [kleɪ] is a type of heavy, sticky soil that can be molded and shaped when wet and hardens when dry. It is commonly used to make pottery, ceramics, and bricks, as well as for sculpting. Phrases like 'clay pigeon' refer to targets used in shooting practice, while 'feet of clay' describes a hidden weakness or flaw in someone's character.

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