mud Definition

  • 1soft, sticky matter resulting from the mixing of earth and water
  • 2information or allegations regarded as damaging, typically concerned with corruption
  • 3a dull or stupid person

Using mud: Examples

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  • Example

    The car got stuck in the mud.

  • Example

    The children were covered in mud after playing outside.

  • Example

    The political campaign was full of mudslinging.

  • Example

    He's just a mud who can't think for himself.

mud Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for mud

Phrases with mud

  • to make damaging accusations about someone


    The opposition party started throwing mud at the candidate's personal life.

  • an expression used to wish someone success or good luck


    As he left for his job interview, his friend shouted, 'Mud in your eye!'

  • a treatment in which a person immerses themselves in mud, typically for therapeutic purposes


    The spa offers a variety of treatments, including a relaxing mud bath.


Summary: mud in Brief

The term 'mud' [mʌd] refers to soft, sticky matter made from earth and water. It can also refer to damaging information or allegations, as well as a dull or stupid person. Examples include 'The car got stuck in the mud,' and 'He's just a mud who can't think for himself.' Phrases include 'throw mud at someone,' meaning to make damaging accusations, and 'mud in your eye,' used to wish someone good luck.

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