colorful Definition

  • 1full of bright colors or having a lot of different colors
  • 2interesting, lively, or exciting

Using colorful: Examples

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  • Example

    The garden was full of colorful flowers.

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    She wore a colorful dress to the party.

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    The city is known for its colorful nightlife.

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    The book is a colorful account of his travels.

colorful Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with colorful

  • the use of words that are considered to be rude or offensive


    He was reprimanded for using colorful language in front of his colleagues.

  • a person who is interesting or eccentric


    The town is full of colorful characters with unique stories to tell.

  • a history that is full of interesting events and people


    The city has a colorful history that dates back to the colonial era.


Summary: colorful in Brief

The term 'colorful' [ˈkʌləfʊl] describes something that is full of bright colors or has a lot of different colors. It can also refer to something that is interesting, lively, or exciting. Examples include 'The garden was full of colorful flowers.' and 'The book is a colorful account of his travels.' Phrases like 'colorful language' and 'colorful character' add further nuance to the term.

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