communal Definition

  • 1shared by all members of a community; for common use
  • 2relating to a community or group of people and their shared interests

Using communal: Examples

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    The park has communal areas for picnics and games.

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    The village has a communal well for drinking water.

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    The communal spirit of the neighborhood was evident during the festival.

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    The apartment complex has a communal laundry room.

communal Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for communal

Phrases with communal

  • a lifestyle where individuals live together and share resources, often with a focus on sustainability and community building


    She decided to try communal living in a co-housing community.

  • the peaceful coexistence and cooperation between different communities or groups, especially those with different religions or cultures


    The government is working towards promoting communal harmony in the country.

  • violent clashes between different communities or groups, often due to religious or cultural differences


    The city was under curfew after communal violence broke out between two religious groups.

Origins of communal

from Latin 'communis', meaning 'common'


Summary: communal in Brief

The term 'communal' [ˈkɒmjʊn(ə)l] refers to something shared by all members of a community or group, or relating to their shared interests. It can describe physical spaces like parks or laundry rooms, as well as lifestyles like communal living. 'Communal' also extends to phrases like 'communal harmony,' denoting peaceful coexistence between different groups, and 'communal violence,' describing violent clashes between them.

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