confession Definition

  • 1the act of admitting that you have done something wrong or illegal
  • 2a formal statement admitting that one is guilty of a crime
  • 3a statement admitting to having committed a sin or wrongdoing

Using confession: Examples

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    He made a full confession to the police.

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    The priest heard his confession and gave him absolution.

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    She wrote a confession letter to her parents.

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    The criminal's confession was used as evidence in court.

confession Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for confession

Idioms Using confession

  • to confess to something openly and honestly


    He decided to make a clean breast of his past mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

  • to refuse to be involved with or associated with something, especially something dishonest or illegal


    He told his colleagues that he would have no truck with their plan to cover up the company's financial fraud.

  • to confess or reveal information about a crime or wrongdoing, especially under pressure or threat of punishment


    The suspect sang like a canary after being interrogated by the police for hours.

Phrases with confession

  • a statement of religious belief, especially one that is recited publicly


    The congregation recited the confession of faith during the Sunday service.

  • an admission of romantic feelings towards someone


    He finally gathered the courage to make a confession of love to her.

  • a statement admitting guilt that is obtained through coercion or torture


    The human rights organization condemned the use of forced confessions by the police.

Origins of confession

from Latin 'confessio', meaning 'acknowledgment'


Summary: confession in Brief

The term 'confession' [kənˈfɛʃən] refers to the act of admitting to wrongdoing, whether it be a crime or a sin. It can be a formal statement, such as in a court of law or a religious setting, or a personal admission. Phrases like 'confession of faith' and 'forced confession' extend the term's usage, while idioms like 'make a clean breast of something' and 'sing like a canary' describe the act of confessing.

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