conjoined Definition

  • 1joined together, especially in a way that cannot be easily separated
  • 2having a physical connection or shared characteristics

Using conjoined: Examples

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  • Example

    The conjoined twins were successfully separated by the surgical team.

  • Example

    The two buildings are conjoined by a bridge.

  • Example

    The conjoined efforts of the team led to their victory.

conjoined Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for conjoined

Phrases with conjoined

  • identical twins who are physically connected to each other


    The conjoined twins were born with their bodies fused together.

  • a collaborative effort between two or more parties


    The conjoined effort of the two companies led to the development of a new product.

  • two or more ideas that are closely related or interconnected


    The author's conjoined ideas about love and loss are explored throughout the novel.


Summary: conjoined in Brief

The term 'conjoined' [kənˈdʒɔɪnd] refers to things that are joined together in a way that cannot be easily separated. It can describe physical connections, such as conjoined twins, or shared characteristics, such as conjoined efforts. The term is often used formally to describe connected or attached things.