costly Definition

  • 1having a high price or expense; expensive
  • 2involving a lot of effort or loss
  • 3causing a lot of damage or harm

Using costly: Examples

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  • Example

    The repairs to the car were very costly.

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    The company's decision to expand into new markets was a costly mistake.

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    The hurricane caused costly damage to the city.

costly Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with costly

  • an event or situation that is expensive or involves a lot of money


    The wedding was a costly affair, with a lavish reception and expensive decorations.

  • a decision or action that results in significant financial or other losses


    The company's investment in the failing business turned out to be a costly mistake.

  • a victory that is achieved at a great cost, such as in terms of lives, resources, or damage


    The battle was a costly victory for the army, with many casualties and extensive damage to the city.


Summary: costly in Brief

The term 'costly' [ˈkɒstli] refers to something that is expensive, involves a lot of effort or loss, or causes a lot of damage or harm. It can describe anything from a high-priced item to a mistake that results in significant losses. Examples include 'The repairs to the car were very costly.' and 'The hurricane caused costly damage to the city.' Phrases like 'costly affair' and 'costly victory' extend the term's usage.

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