defender Definition

  • 1a person who protects something or someone from attack, damage, or harm
  • 2a player in a team sport who is responsible for protecting their team's goal or territory

Using defender: Examples

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    The defender blocked the opponent's shot.

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    The castle had strong defenders against enemy attacks.

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    She is a defender of human rights.

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    The lawyer acted as a defender for the accused.

defender Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for defender

Idioms Using defender

  • come to someone's defense

    to support or defend someone who is being criticized or attacked


    When her friend was accused of cheating, she immediately came to her defense.

  • as a way of supporting or justifying something that has been criticized or attacked


    He wrote an article in defense of his controversial decision.

  • a series of measures or actions taken to protect against an attack or threat


    The military has multiple lines of defense to prevent enemy infiltration.

Phrases with defender

  • self-defender

    a person who defends themselves against an attacker or aggressor


    She took self-defense classes to become a better self-defender.

  • a person who supports and defends a particular religious belief or doctrine


    He was known as a defender of the faith and wrote extensively on religious topics.

  • a person who defends the monarch or the monarchy


    The knights were sworn to be defenders of the crown and protect the kingdom from threats.

Origins of defender

from Old French 'defendre', meaning 'to defend'


Summary: defender in Brief

A 'defender' [dɪˈfɛndər] is a person who protects something or someone from harm or damage. It can refer to a player in a team sport who defends their team's goal or territory, as in 'The defender blocked the opponent's shot.' 'Defender' also extends into phrases like 'defender of the faith,' denoting a person who supports and defends a particular religious belief, and idioms like 'line of defense,' referring to a series of measures taken to protect against an attack.