deformed Definition

  • 1not having the normal or natural shape or form; misshapen
  • 2having a physical disability that makes someone appear misshapen or unattractive

Using deformed: Examples

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  • Example

    The deformed tree was a result of years of neglect.

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    The baby was born with a deformed leg.

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    The artist created a sculpture of a deformed face.

deformed Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for deformed

Phrases with deformed

  • a frog with a physical abnormality, often caused by environmental factors


    The pond was polluted, resulting in many deformed frogs.

  • steel that has been bent or twisted out of its original shape


    The construction workers had to replace the deformed steel beams.

  • a character in a story or movie who has a physical abnormality that affects their appearance or behavior


    The deformed character in the horror movie was both scary and sympathetic.


Summary: deformed in Brief

The term 'deformed' [dɪˈfɔːmd] refers to something that is not in its normal or natural shape or form. It can describe physical objects like trees or steel, as well as people or animals with physical disabilities. Examples include 'The baby was born with a deformed leg.' and 'The artist created a sculpture of a deformed face.'