distorted Definition

  • 1pulled or twisted out of shape; contorted
  • 2giving a misleading or false account or impression; misrepresented

Using distorted: Examples

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  • Example

    The reflection in the funhouse mirror made her face look distorted.

  • Example

    The artist used a distorted perspective to create an unsettling effect.

  • Example

    The media's coverage of the event was distorted and sensationalized.

distorted Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with distorted

  • a perspective that is not accurate or truthful


    His distorted view of the world led him to make poor decisions.

  • a version of reality that is not accurate or truthful


    Her mental illness caused her to experience a distorted reality.

  • an image that has been altered or manipulated to appear different from the original


    The photo was distorted to make the subject look unrecognizable.


Summary: distorted in Brief

The adjective 'distorted' [dɪˈstɔːtɪd] describes something that is pulled or twisted out of shape, or giving a misleading or false account or impression. It can refer to physical objects like a distorted reflection, or abstract concepts like a distorted view or reality. Synonyms include 'misshapen', 'warped', and 'perverted'.