perverted Definition

  • 1having or showing sexual desires that are considered abnormal or unacceptable
  • 2corrupted from what is right, good, or true

Using perverted: Examples

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    He was accused of having perverted sexual desires.

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    The perverted nature of the crime shocked everyone.

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    She had a perverted sense of humor.

perverted Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with perverted

  • a miscarriage of justice that occurs when a legal decision is motivated by bias, prejudice, or other improper considerations


    The case was dismissed due to perverted justice.

  • a distorted or twisted version of something


    The cult's beliefs were a perverted form of Christianity.

  • a sense of humor that is considered inappropriate or offensive


    His jokes were often met with silence due to his perverted sense of humor.


Summary: perverted in Brief

The term 'perverted' [pərˈvəːtɪd] describes sexual desires or behavior that is considered abnormal or unacceptable. It can also refer to a corruption of what is right, good, or true. Examples include 'He was accused of having perverted sexual desires,' and 'She had a perverted sense of humor.' Synonyms include 'depraved,' 'deviant,' and 'twisted.'