demonstrate Definition

  • 1to show or prove something clearly and convincingly
  • 2to take part in a public meeting or march in order to show your support for or opposition to something

Using demonstrate: Examples

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  • Example

    The teacher demonstrated the experiment to the class.

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    She demonstrated her commitment to the cause by attending the protest.

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    The company demonstrated its new product at the trade fair.

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    He demonstrated his skill on the guitar by playing a difficult piece.

demonstrate Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using demonstrate

  • to reveal one's true character or beliefs


    The scandal demonstrated his true colors as a dishonest businessman.

  • to show one's courage or ability to handle pressure


    The athlete demonstrated her mettle by winning the championship despite an injury.

  • to teach or show someone how to do something


    He demonstrated to the new employee how to use the software.

Phrases with demonstrate

  • to publicly show opposition to something


    Thousands of people demonstrated against the government's decision to raise taxes.

  • to publicly show support for something


    The workers demonstrated for better pay and working conditions.

  • to prove one's value or ability


    She demonstrated her worth to the company by increasing sales by 50%.

Origins of demonstrate

from Latin 'demonstratus', past participle of 'demonstrare', meaning 'to point out, indicate, demonstrate'


Summary: demonstrate in Brief

The verb 'demonstrate' [ˈdɛmənstreɪt] means to show or prove something convincingly, as in 'The teacher demonstrated the experiment to the class.' It can also refer to participating in a public meeting or march to show support or opposition, as in 'Thousands of people demonstrated against the government's decision to raise taxes.' 'Demonstrate' is often used in phrases like 'demonstrate against,' 'demonstrate for,' and 'demonstrate one's worth.'

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