depose Definition

  • 1remove from office suddenly and forcefully
  • 2give evidence or testify in a court of law

Using depose: Examples

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  • Example

    The king was deposed by the army.

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    She was deposed as CEO after the company's financial scandal.

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    The witness was deposed in the courtroom.

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    The dictator was deposed from power after a long civil war.

depose Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for depose

Idioms Using depose

  • to overthrow a monarch or other ruler


    The revolutionaries succeeded in deposing the crown and establishing a republic.

  • to testify honestly and accurately


    The witness deposed to the truth of what he had seen.

  • to remove someone from power and take away their possessions or property


    The rebels sought to depose and dispossess the ruling class.

Phrases with depose

  • give evidence or testimony about something


    The witness deposed to the fact that he saw the accused at the scene of the crime.

  • give evidence or testimony against someone


    The victim deposed against her attacker in the court.

  • dispose of something, especially property


    He decided to depose of his old car and buy a new one.

Origins of depose

from Old French 'deposer', meaning 'put down'


Summary: depose in Brief

'Depose' [dɪˈpəʊz] is a verb that means to remove someone from office suddenly and forcefully, or to give evidence or testify in a court of law. Examples include 'The king was deposed by the army,' and 'The witness was deposed in the courtroom.' Phrases like 'depose to' and 'depose against' refer to giving evidence or testimony, while 'depose of' means to dispose of something. Idioms like 'depose the crown' and 'depose and dispossess' describe overthrowing a ruler and taking away their possessions.