despairing Definition

showing the loss of all hope.

Using despairing: Examples

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    She looked at him with a despairing expression.

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    The situation seemed utterly despairing.

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    He let out a despairing sigh.

despairing Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with despairing

  • a cry that expresses a feeling of complete loss of hope


    She let out a despairing cry when she heard the news.

  • a facial expression that shows a complete loss of hope


    He gave her a despairing look when he realized what had happened.

  • a way of speaking that shows a complete loss of hope


    She spoke in a despairing tone when she talked about the future.


Summary: despairing in Brief

'Despairing' [dɪˈsperɪŋ] is an adjective that describes a person or situation that has lost all hope. It can be used to describe a facial expression, tone of voice, or cry that expresses this feeling. Synonyms include 'hopeless' and 'pessimistic,' while antonyms include 'hopeful' and 'optimistic.'