diplomat Definition

  • 1an official representing a country abroad
  • 2a person who is skilled at dealing with others in difficult situations

Using diplomat: Examples

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    The diplomat was sent to negotiate peace talks between the two countries.

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    She has worked as a diplomat for over 20 years.

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    The ambassador and his team of diplomats attended the summit meeting.

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Idioms Using diplomat

  • language that is carefully chosen and used to avoid offending or upsetting people


    The politician used diplomatic language when discussing the sensitive issue.

  • an event or situation that causes tension or conflict between countries or governments


    The border dispute led to a diplomatic incident between the two neighboring countries.

  • a bag or container used by diplomats to carry official documents and other items that are exempt from customs inspection


    The ambassador's aide carried the diplomatic pouch through customs without any problems.

Phrases with diplomat

  • the privilege of exemption from certain laws and taxes granted to diplomats by the country in which they are working


    The diplomat was released without charge due to diplomatic immunity.

  • diplomatic relations

    official contacts maintained between countries, including the exchange of ambassadors


    The two countries established diplomatic relations in the 1970s.

  • the group of diplomats who represent their countries in a particular place or region


    The members of the diplomatic corps attended the reception hosted by the embassy.

Origins of diplomat

from French 'diplomate', from Latin 'diploma', meaning 'official document'


Summary: diplomat in Brief

A 'diplomat' [ˈdɪpləmæt] is an official representing a country abroad, or a person skilled at dealing with others in difficult situations. It can refer to a person who negotiates peace talks or maintains diplomatic relations, as in 'The diplomat was sent to negotiate peace talks between the two countries.' The term also extends into idioms like 'diplomatic language,' denoting careful word choice, and 'diplomatic incident,' referring to events that cause tension between countries.

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