elation Definition

  • 1a feeling of great joy or pride
  • 2a state of extreme happiness or excitement

Using elation: Examples

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    She felt a sense of elation after winning the race.

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    The team's victory brought elation to their fans.

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    He was filled with elation upon hearing the good news.

elation Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with elation

  • to express great delight or happiness


    When she heard the news, she jumped for joy in elation.

  • to be extremely happy and excited


    After receiving the award, he was on cloud nine with elation.

  • to feel very happy and excited


    She was walking on air with elation after her successful performance.

Origins of elation

from Latin 'elatus', meaning 'lifted up'


Summary: elation in Brief

The term 'elation' [ih-ley-shuhn] refers to a feeling of great joy or pride, often accompanied by extreme happiness or excitement. It is exemplified by phrases like 'jump for joy,' 'on cloud nine,' and 'walking on air,' which denote expressions of elation. Antonyms include 'depression,' 'despair,' and 'gloom.'