extravagance Definition

  • 1lack of restraint in spending money or using resources excessively
  • 2an excessive or unnecessary amount or display of something

Using extravagance: Examples

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  • Example

    She was criticized for her extravagance in buying designer clothes.

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    The wedding ceremony was a display of extravagance and wealth.

  • Example

    The company's extravagance led to its bankruptcy.

extravagance Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using extravagance

  • cut back on extravagances

    reduce or eliminate unnecessary or excessive spending


    In order to save money, we need to cut back on extravagances like eating out and buying expensive clothes.

  • live in a manner that is characterized by excessive or unnecessary spending


    The wealthy couple lived in extravagance, with their multiple homes and luxury cars.

  • the tendency of young people to engage in excessive or unnecessary behavior, often due to lack of experience or maturity


    The extravagance of youth led him to spend all his money on partying and travel, leaving him with nothing for the future.

Phrases with extravagance

  • an extravagance of riches

    an abundance of wealth or resources that is excessive or unnecessary


    The mansion was an extravagance of riches, with its gold-plated fixtures and marble floors.

  • an excessive or unnecessary display of emotion


    Her tears were an extravagance of emotion, given that she had only known him for a week.

  • a wasteful or excessive use of time


    Spending hours on social media is an extravagance of time that could be better spent on productive activities.

Origins of extravagance

from French 'extravagance', from Medieval Latin 'extravagantia', from Latin 'extra vagari' meaning 'wander outside or beyond


Summary: extravagance in Brief

The term 'extravagance' [ɪkˈstrævəɡəns] refers to lack of restraint in spending money or using resources excessively. It can also mean an excessive or unnecessary amount or display of something. Examples include buying designer clothes, displaying wealth at a wedding ceremony, and leading a company to bankruptcy. Phrases like 'an extravagance of riches' and idioms like 'cut back on extravagances' further illustrate the concept of excess.