fabric Definition

  • 1material made by weaving, knitting, or felting fibers
  • 2the basic structure of something

Using fabric: Examples

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    The dress is made of a soft and lightweight fabric.

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    The fabric of society was torn apart by the war.

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    The fabric of the building was damaged in the earthquake.

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    The fabric of the team was strengthened by their shared experience.

fabric Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for fabric

Idioms Using fabric

  • to damage or weaken the basic structure or foundation of something


    The corruption scandal threatened to tear at the fabric of the government.

  • the entire structure or foundation of something


    The discovery of the new planet could change the whole fabric of our understanding of the universe.

  • a network of falsehoods or deceptions


    The politician's career was destroyed by his fabric of lies.

Phrases with fabric

  • a type of fabric that stretches when pulled and returns to its original shape when released


    The yoga pants are made of stretch fabric for maximum comfort.

  • a heavy-duty fabric used to cover furniture


    The couch was reupholstered with a beautiful new upholstery fabric.

  • fabric of space-time

    the conceptual model that combines space and time into a single entity called space-time


    Einstein's theory of relativity describes the fabric of space-time.

Origins of fabric

from Latin 'fabrica', meaning 'a workshop'


Summary: fabric in Brief

The term 'fabric' [ˈfæbrɪk] refers to material made by weaving, knitting, or felting fibers, as well as the basic structure of something. It can describe clothing, furniture, and even the universe, as in 'fabric of space-time.' Phrases like 'stretch fabric' and 'upholstery fabric' denote specific types of fabric, while idioms like 'tear at the fabric of something' refer to damaging or weakening the foundation of something.

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