cloth Definition

a material made of fibers, such as cotton or nylon, that are woven or knitted together.

Using cloth: Examples

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    She used a soft cloth to clean the table.

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    The dress is made of a beautiful cloth.

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    He bought a roll of cloth for his sewing project.

cloth Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for cloth

Phrases with cloth

  • very similar in character or behavior


    The two brothers are cut from the same cloth, both being very competitive and ambitious.

  • completely made up or fabricated


    The story about the alien invasion was taken from whole cloth, with no basis in reality.

  • to be hanged


    The notorious criminal was finally caught and sentenced to stretch his legs on the cloth.

Origins of cloth

from Old English 'clāþ', meaning 'a piece of cloth'


Summary: cloth in Brief

The term 'cloth' [klɒθ] refers to a material made of fibers that are woven or knitted together. It is commonly used for clothing, cleaning, and sewing projects. Phrases like 'cut from the same cloth' denote similarity, while 'in whole cloth' implies fabrication. The phrase 'stretch one's legs on the cloth' is a euphemism for hanging.

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