facultative Definition

  • 1adjective: having the ability to live or function with or without a certain environmental factor, organism, or condition
  • 2adjective: optional or discretionary

Using facultative: Examples

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  • Example

    Some bacteria are facultative anaerobes, meaning they can survive with or without oxygen.

  • Example

    The workshop is facultative, so you can choose whether or not to attend.

  • Example

    The course offers both facultative and required modules.

facultative Synonyms and Antonyms

Origins of facultative

from Latin 'facultas', meaning 'ability'


Summary: facultative in Brief

The term 'facultative' [fak-uhl-tey-tiv] refers to the ability of an organism or system to function with or without a certain environmental factor or condition. It can also mean optional or discretionary, as in 'The workshop is facultative.' Synonyms include 'optional' and 'voluntary,' while antonyms include 'obligatory' and 'mandatory.'