faculty Definition

  • 1the teaching staff of a university or college
  • 2an inherent mental or physical power
  • 3a particular group of people within a larger organization

Using faculty: Examples

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    The faculty at the university is very diverse.

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    She has a faculty for languages.

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    The faculty of memory is important for learning.

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    The faculty of medicine is hosting a conference next week.

faculty Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using faculty

  • have all your faculties

    to be able to think and act clearly and rationally


    Despite his old age, he still has all his faculties intact.

  • a room in a university or college where teachers can relax and socialize


    The faculty lounge is a great place to meet other professors and discuss academic matters.

  • a division of a university or college that offers courses in humanities, social sciences, and fine arts


    She is studying English literature in the faculty of arts.

Phrases with faculty

  • the ability to see


    His faculty of sight was impaired due to the accident.

  • the ability to speak


    Her faculty of speech was affected by the stroke.

  • the ability to think logically and make rational judgments


    The faculty of reason is what sets humans apart from animals.

Origins of faculty

from Old French 'faculté', meaning 'ability, talent'


Summary: faculty in Brief

The term 'faculty' [ˈfækəlti] refers to the teaching staff of a university or college, as well as inherent mental or physical powers. It can also denote a particular group of people within a larger organization. Examples include 'The faculty at the university is very diverse,' and 'She has a faculty for languages.' Idioms like 'have all your faculties' and 'faculty lounge' add to the term's range of meanings.

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