fallible Definition

  • 1able to make mistakes or be wrong
  • 2liable to error

Using fallible: Examples

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    As humans, we are all fallible and prone to making mistakes.

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    The evidence presented in court was fallible and could not be relied upon.

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    Even the most experienced doctors are fallible and can misdiagnose a patient.

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    The company's decision-making process is fallible and can lead to poor outcomes.

fallible Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with fallible

  • a memory that is prone to errors and inaccuracies


    Eyewitness testimony is often unreliable due to fallible memory.

  • reasoning that is prone to errors and logical fallacies


    The argument presented by the politician was based on fallible reasoning and did not hold up to scrutiny.

  • the ability to make mistakes in one's decisions or opinions


    The judge's fallible judgment led to an incorrect verdict in the case.

Origins of fallible

from Latin 'fallibilis', from 'fallere' meaning 'to deceive'


Summary: fallible in Brief

'Fallible' [หˆfรฆlษ™bl] describes something or someone that is capable of making mistakes or being wrong. It is often used to describe human nature, as in 'As humans, we are all fallible and prone to making mistakes.' The term extends into phrases like 'fallible memory' and 'fallible reasoning,' which denote the tendency for errors in memory and logic.