femininity Definition

  • 1the quality of being female; womanliness
  • 2qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of women

Using femininity: Examples

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    She exudes femininity in the way she walks and talks.

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    The dress accentuates her femininity.

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    The company aims to promote femininity in leadership roles.

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    The concept of femininity varies across cultures.

femininity Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with femininity

  • negative aspects or behaviors associated with traditional feminine gender roles, such as passive-aggressiveness, manipulation, and emotional instability


    The movie explores the theme of toxic femininity and its impact on women's lives.

  • femininity studies

    an interdisciplinary field of study that examines the social, cultural, and political constructions of femininity and their impact on women's lives


    She is pursuing a degree in femininity studies to better understand gender inequality.

  • personal care practices and products aimed at maintaining cleanliness and health in female genitalia


    She is teaching her daughter about femininity hygiene and the importance of taking care of her body.

Origins of femininity

from Latin 'femina', meaning 'woman'


Summary: femininity in Brief

Femininity [ˌfɛməˈnɪnəti] refers to the qualities or attributes associated with being female, including womanliness. It encompasses traits like grace, sensitivity, and nurturing, and is often expressed through fashion, behavior, and communication. Femininity can be studied in academic fields like femininity studies, and personal care practices like femininity hygiene are important for maintaining health.

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