manliness Definition

the traditional qualities or attributes associated with being a man, such as courage, strength, and assertiveness.

Using manliness: Examples

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    He displayed great manliness in the face of danger.

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    The coach praised the team for their manliness and determination.

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    The book explores the concept of manliness in different cultures.

manliness Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with manliness

  • a set of behaviors and beliefs that are harmful to men themselves and to others around them, often characterized by aggression, dominance, and suppression of emotions


    The #MeToo movement has brought attention to the issue of toxic masculinity.

  • man up

    to behave in a way that is traditionally associated with men, especially by being brave and strong


    Come on, man up and face your fears!

  • be a man

    to act in a way that is considered typical of a man, especially by being brave and not showing emotions


    Don't cry, be a man and deal with it.


Summary: manliness in Brief

The term 'manliness' [ˈmanliˌnəs] refers to the traditional qualities associated with being a man, including courage, strength, and assertiveness. It is often contrasted with femininity and can be explored cross-culturally. Phrases like 'toxic masculinity' describe harmful behaviors, while 'man up' and 'be a man' encourage bravery and stoicism.