machismo Definition

  • 1strong or aggressive masculine pride
  • 2an exaggerated sense of manliness

Using machismo: Examples

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    His machismo made him refuse to ask for directions.

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    The culture of machismo in the military is slowly changing.

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    Machismo often leads to toxic masculinity and violence against women.

machismo Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with machismo

  • a form of masculinity that is harmful, aggressive, and often violent towards others, particularly women and LGBTQ+ individuals


    Toxic machismo is a major problem in many societies and contributes to gender-based violence.

  • a social environment that values and promotes traditional masculine traits and behaviors, often at the expense of women and non-binary individuals


    The machismo culture in some workplaces can make it difficult for women to advance in their careers.

  • an excessive or unhealthy preoccupation with demonstrating one's masculinity, often through aggression or violence


    His machismo complex made him feel like he had to fight anyone who insulted him.

Origins of machismo

from Spanish 'macho', meaning 'male'


Summary: machismo in Brief

'Machismo' [məˈtʃiːzməʊ] refers to an exaggerated sense of manliness, often characterized by strong or aggressive masculine pride. It can lead to toxic masculinity and violence against women. Phrases like 'toxic machismo' and 'machismo culture' describe the negative impact of this behavior on society.