filled Definition

  • 1having something inside
  • 2completely occupied or taken up
  • 3to put something into a container until it is full

Using filled: Examples

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  • Example

    The room was filled with people.

  • Example

    I filled the glass with water.

  • Example

    The cake was filled with cream.

  • Example

    The stadium was filled to capacity.

filled Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for filled

Phrases with filled

  • completely full, with no more space for anything else


    The cup was filled to the brim with hot chocolate.

  • feeling or expressing great surprise or admiration at something


    The child's eyes were filled with wonder as she saw the fireworks display.

  • feeling or expressing great happiness or pleasure


    She was filled with joy when she received the news of her promotion.


Summary: filled in Brief

The term 'filled' [fɪld] describes something that has something inside, is completely occupied or taken up, or has been filled with something. It can be used to describe a room, container, or other space, as in 'The room was filled with people.' 'Filled' also extends into phrases like 'filled to the brim,' denoting complete fullness, and 'filled with wonder,' indicating a sense of amazement or admiration.

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