fright Definition

  • 1a sudden intense feeling of fear
  • 2a thing that causes fear or terror

Using fright: Examples

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  • Example

    The loud noise gave me a fright.

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    She had a fright when she saw the spider on the wall.

  • Example

    The horror movie gave me a good fright.

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    The car accident was a terrible fright.

fright Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for fright

Antonyms for fright

Phrases with fright

  • to become suddenly frightened or alarmed


    The horse took fright and bolted.

  • scare/frighten the life out of someone

    to terrify someone


    The ghost story scared the life out of the children.

  • in a state of fear or alarm


    She was in a fright after the car crash.

Origins of fright

from Old English 'fyrhto', meaning 'fear, dread, trembling, horror'


Summary: fright in Brief

The term 'fright' [fraɪt] refers to a sudden intense feeling of fear or a thing that causes fear or terror. It is often used to describe situations that are alarming or terrifying, such as 'The horror movie gave me a good fright.' 'Fright' can also be used in phrases like 'take fright,' which means to become suddenly frightened, and 'scare/frighten the life out of someone,' which means to terrify someone.

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