terror Definition

  • 1extreme fear
  • 2violence or the threat of violence used as a means of coercion or intimidation, especially for political purposes

Using terror: Examples

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    The sound of gunfire filled the streets with terror.

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    The terrorist attack caused widespread terror and panic.

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    She felt a sense of terror when she realized she was lost in the woods.

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    The government used terror to control the population.

terror Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using terror

  • scare/frighten someone to death

    to cause someone to be extremely frightened


    The sudden loud noise scared me to death.

  • have/hold no terror for someone

    to not be frightening or intimidating to someone


    After years of experience, public speaking holds no terror for her.

  • strike terror into someone's heart

    to cause someone to feel extreme fear or terror


    The thought of being stranded in the middle of the ocean strikes terror into my heart.

Phrases with terror

  • a global military campaign launched by the United States government after the September 11 attacks to eliminate al-Qaeda and other militant organizations


    The war on terror has been ongoing for nearly two decades.

  • an act of violence intended to create fear and panic among a population


    The city was on high alert after a terror attack was foiled by the police.

  • a group of individuals who work together to plan and carry out acts of terrorism


    The authorities arrested several members of a terror cell that was planning an attack on a government building.

Origins of terror

from Old French 'terreur', from Latin 'terror', meaning 'great fear'


Summary: terror in Brief

The term 'terror' [ˈterər] refers to extreme fear or violence used as a means of coercion or intimidation. It can be caused by events such as terrorist attacks or personal experiences like getting lost in the woods. The phrase 'war on terror' denotes a global military campaign against militant organizations, while 'terror cell' refers to a group of individuals who plan and carry out acts of terrorism. Idioms like 'scare/frighten someone to death' and 'strike terror into someone's heart' describe the intensity of fear.

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