fusion Definition

  • 1the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity
  • 2a type of cuisine that combines elements of different culinary traditions

Using fusion: Examples

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    The fusion of two companies led to the creation of a new corporation.

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    The restaurant serves fusion cuisine that blends Japanese and Italian flavors.

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    The fusion of different musical styles created a unique sound.

fusion Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with fusion

  • the process of combining atomic nuclei to form heavier elements, releasing energy in the process


    Nuclear fusion is the process that powers the sun and other stars.

  • a device that uses nuclear fusion to generate energy


    Scientists are working on developing a practical fusion reactor as a source of clean energy.

  • a facility that serves as a central point for gathering, analyzing, and sharing information and intelligence to prevent and respond to security threats


    The FBI operates fusion centers across the United States to coordinate with state and local law enforcement agencies.

Origins of fusion

from Latin 'fusionem', meaning 'a pouring, melting'


Summary: fusion in Brief

The term 'fusion' [ˈfjuːʒən] refers to the process of combining two or more things to form a single entity. It can also refer to a type of cuisine that blends elements of different culinary traditions. Examples include the fusion of two companies, the fusion of different musical styles, and fusion cuisine that blends Japanese and Italian flavors.

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