garment Definition

  • 1an item of clothing
  • 2a covering or a coating

Using garment: Examples

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    She wore a beautiful garment to the party.

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    The garment factory produces thousands of clothes every day.

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    The garment of snow covered the trees and the ground.

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Idioms Using garment

  • the emperor's new clothes

    a situation in which people pretend to see or believe in something that does not really exist or is worthless


    The company's new product was just the emperor's new clothes; it didn't work at all.

  • cut one's coat according to one's cloth

    to live within one's means


    We need to cut our coat according to our cloth and stop spending so much money.

  • to dress up in fancy clothes


    They put on the dog for the wedding and wore their best garments.

Phrases with garment

  • a metaphorical representation of something that is not physical


    The figurative garment of success was bestowed upon him.

  • the businesses involved in the production and sale of clothing


    The garment industry has been hit hard by the pandemic.

  • a long, zippered bag designed to hold and protect clothing during travel


    She packed her dresses in a garment bag to keep them from getting wrinkled.

Origins of garment

from Old French 'garment', from garir 'defend, protect'


Summary: garment in Brief

A 'garment' [ˈɡɑːmənt] is an item of clothing or a covering/coating. It can refer to anything from a single article of clothing to the entire clothing industry. Examples include 'She wore a beautiful garment to the party.' and 'The garment of snow covered the trees and the ground.' Idioms like 'the emperor's new clothes' and 'cut one's coat according to one's cloth' use 'garment' metaphorically.

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